Our Features


Transactions Made Easy

The humongous task of management of transactions is simplified and made easy by effective methods. Whether you are an enterprise or a vendor, this feature is equally useful for both as it can relieve you from manual micro-management of the transactions.


Easy Integration & Data Analytics

As all the invoices, vendor information, information of the enterprises, and other information are integrated into the system so that data analysis becomes quick and easy. Supervision of the transactions, invoices and data analytics becomes hassle-free.


Cross-platform Functionality

Manage it from your laptop, phone or tablet. With the cross-platform functionality, users can manage their transactions, invoices and other details remotely with just a click. There is no limitation in the functionalities whichever platform you choose.


Simplified User Experience

With the easy navigation and simplified design, you get access to all the features in the most lucid way. Each module is designed in such a way that the user will not face any difficulty in utilizing or finding any of the features.


Invoicing Discount Calculation

As soon as the invoices are uploaded by the vendors, the process of choosing the invoice and discount calculation is quite easy, hassle-free and fast. You just have to select the invoice or upload one and all the calculations will be in front of you.


Easy on-boarding

We believe in providing the initial experience easy so that you have a pleasant start. The registration process is quite quick with necessary details only. There will be no cumbersome form filling for coming onboard with Finocart.